WindChest : Rack Board Fitting


Quintaton 8' and Diapason 4'

These two ranks are now in place on their respective rack boards. The stopped Quintaton pipes sound an octave lower than the Diapason.

Fitting Quintaton 8' to Rack Board

The pipe feet in the upper octaves of the Quint are wider than the original Wicks Octave 4', so I had to enlarge many of the rack board holes (for example, the two leftmost empty holes shown here).


A few of the Diapason basses needed to have rack board holes enlarged. The four holes below TC will be left empty until I extend the rank down to 8' with 1-8 on an offset chest.

Quintaton and Diapason

Rack board is temporarily removed from leftmost rank (will be Block Flute 2'). Blue tape prevents debris from entering chest.

Rotary tool with drum

For some holes a 1/2" sanding drum was used, but smaller holes require 1/4" drum as shown or routing bit.

Routing attachment

This attachment keeps the tool vertical on the toe board.

Ready to route

A vacuum cleaner nozzle (not shown) is held under the rack board to catch the dust. Blue masking tape on all nearby toe holes prevents dust from falling in.

Treble End of Chest

Quintaton is shown with 48 pipes; top octave pipes will need some repairs. Diapason is shown with 49 pipes and will probably borrow top 12 holes of 73 note Quintaton toe board for a total of 61 pipes in each rank.

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